Customer Feedback

From Bob of Raymond, WA

Hi Bud,
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with my purchase at  I found the website just surfing the net to find some clubs to take up golf again now that I have retired.  I haven't played golf for about 10 years or so just because there wasn't time while I was working and maintaining the family home.  Before I stopped playing, I had a banana bender slice that required me to aim a couple of holes to the left of the one I intended to play - hahaha.  I then had to scramble with the short irons and putter to maybe save a bogie!  When I found your site, I went through the steps to get the club (driver and 3 wood) that was just right for me.  Your communication to me to let me know how my order was doing was great!  The clubs came in just 3 days from the order date which amazed me!  I got the offset clubs with the ultra flex shaft and correct shaft length thinking that might help my slice.  Today I thought I would run out to the driving range to see how they would work.  I was floored!!!  Playing the ball right in the middle of my stance produced a shot that went right down the middle, bounced at the tire (250 yds) and rolled from there!  I thought maybe the first few shots might have been a fluke, but no, every shot went straight as an arrow whichever way I pointed it.  I piled up a bucket of balls within 20 yards of that tire!  Oh my God!  Even if I missed the sweet spot a little, the ball still flew out there in a rising flight that left an easily playable ball!  I am 64 years old, 5'10", and weigh maybe 150 lbs. soaking wet.  The ball flew straight, true and far every time.  I plan to challenge for the club championship next season - hahaha.  Thanks again for the terrific clubs and great service.  When I told my friends what I paid for the clubs as they were admiring my shots, they all fainted!  Hehehe
Bob from Raymond, WA