Grip Size Help

Grip Size
Golf Glove Size Grip Size
Extra Large Oversize
Cadet Extra Large Oversize
Large Mid-Size
Cadet Large Mid-Size
Cadet Medium Large Standard
Medium Large Standard
Medium Standard
Cadet Medium Standard
Cadet Small Lady Standard
Small Lady Standard

Choosing the correct grip size:

Grips are the only connection that your hands (and thus the rest of your body) have to the golf club. It is important that your hands feel comfortable holding the golf club and that the grip be the proper size. The larger a player's hand the larger we want to make the grip so that it does fit the player's hand. If the grips are too large then the player's wrists are impeded and he or she won't get through the shot. This results in pushes and weak slices. If the grips are too small then a player has a tendency to turn his or her hands over through impact and this results in pulls and hooks.

Based on the glove that you wear we know how big your hand is and we can make the grips larger or smaller, as necessary. How do we do this? Grips are put onto the shaft using grip tape, a tape that is like masking tape. By adding or subtracting layers of tape the grip can be built up in 1/32" increments to fit your hand size.