Shaft Flex Help

Driver Carry Distance Driver Swing Speed Shaft Flex
265+ yards 105+ mph Extra Stiff
240 - 265 90 - 105 Stiff
200 - 240 80 - 95 Regular
175 - 200 70 - 85 A-Flex
Less than 175 Less than 70 Ladies

5 Iron Carry Distance 5 Iron Swing Speed Shaft Flex
180+ yards 100+ mph Extra Stiff
170 - 180 85 - 100 Stiff
150 - 170 65 - 85 Regular
135 - 150 50 - 65 A-Flex
Less than 135 Less than 50 Ladies

Shaft Selection Guide
The following is a guide that will assist in diagnosing where your game needs support and how the various shafts we carry can aid you. We are confident you will find a shaft.

Do you hook or pull the ball? Try using a stiffer shaft, a shaft with a higher kick point or a shaft with less torque.

Do you slice or push the ball? A more flexible shaft may solve your problem. Also, a shaft that is less tip stiff, or has a lower kick point may be a good start as well.

Do you hit the ball too high? Use a stiffer shaft that is tip stiff, or has a higher kick point.

Do you hit the ball too low? Try using a more flexible shaft or one that is less tip stiff.

Is your accuracy inconsistent? A stiffer shaft will probably help, especially with a high kick point.

Are you experiencing miss-hits? Notice a difference immediately by increasing the overall weight with a heavier shaft, or consider a less stiff shaft.

Are you losing distance? Try decreasing your overall weight with a lighter shaft, or a more flexible shaft.

**Shafts will not correct swing deficiencies. Please see your PGA professional for swing analysis.**